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This is a callout service, supplying support services for Windows PCs and Apple Macs, comprising:

general troubleshooting (hardware faults, virus and other malware detection and removal)

installs/upgrades/updates of operating system and other software

network/broadband installation and troubleshooting (both wired and wireless)

driver installation and updates

Installation of the free Linux operating system on Intel PCs, either as replacement for Microsoft windows or configuration of the computer as a dual boot system, allowing choice of either Windows or Linux at startup time, and granting access to the vast range of free and high-quality software available for Linux.

The Bitsmiths field engineer has more than 25 years experience working with computers, of which more than 15 has been working on Windows PCs.

No-fix, no fee: if the job initially stated as the reason for the callout cannot be completed as required, no fee will be charged for that work. In the event that other work is also required in addition to the quoted reason, or instead of it, then payment may be made for such additional work, charged for time required to do that work as if that were the original reason for the callout. It may be necessary to negotiate the fee to be charged in such cases; Bitsmiths will try to be reasonable in such matters.



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