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RE: White Screen

Okay, that was quick..... My colleage at MS suggested following this procedure to eliminate at programs causing the issue. Copy and paste the above link into your browser window and click go. Secondly, he also mentioned at the 4min delay may be the time taken to complete loading all the background tasks into memory. You could also try using a 3rd party browser such as firefox and see if you get the same issues..... Steve Rae

24 Jul @ 18:10

RE: White Screen

Hi Linda. Having read through all the comments on this page and also done ssome background checking on the interent (whist at work) can i ask, are you running Windows vista with Internet Explorer 7 (the one that comes with vista) ? If so, you are not alone, the problems you are experiencing are common with this setup, ALT+F4 will close the window and it won't re-appear again until you next switch the machine back on. I have seen this issue before and resolved it by restoring the PC (using system restore) to a point when a number of updates were installed. It seems to be linked to an update and don't think it is spy/malware but as everyone above has said, running a scanner on a regular basis is always good advice.... i'll do some more digging and speak to some of my colleagues who work for Microsoft and see what i hear back. I'll be in touch.

24 Jul @ 18:02

RE: while trying to download a free game yahoo invaded my pc. I am unable to uninstall. I also keep gett

I would personally recommend using a package called ad-aware from lavasoft. This is free software which is great at removing malware. You could also try using system restore to roll your machine back to a point before the infection which should stop the malware from automatically running and give the av/malware removal tools a better chance of removing the infection. As always though, keep you def files upto date, an AV/Malware program is also as good as your last update. Steve Rae mcp, mcdst, mcsa, mcsa+m, mcitp Vista Enterprise

15 May @ 22:47

RE: entry level IT job

Hi Your best bet would be to try some temping agencies who could you place you in temporary helpdesk/1st line support roles. Alot of companies use temp staff to cover leave etc and you wil get a good broad range of experience in quite a short time. Good luck

15 May @ 22:39